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Good quality data is one of the key elements to gain success in any aspects of Corporate functions. The better data, the better the business.

UsePhase & Performance monitoring, Migrations, various Business services or Assessments - You have the UseCases to support, we have the Solution for your needs.

Improved data and performance equals more profit, savings, happier personnel, and of course - more value.

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TikeanDQ is a hardcore, yet lightweight Data Quality solution, aimed to the business users, while not forgetting the datageeks either.

The next-generation cloud-technology offers an easy way to access business data and ensure the validity of it to meet the business requirements. The solution is superfast and intuitive, easy to adapt and take into use.

Whether you are from the Business, from the IT or e.g. Data management - You are provided with the fast insights into your data status and timeline trends.

TikeanDQ is probably the easiest platform to support You to form the data quality framework for your company.

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A must for Data Driven companies!

Tikean has succeeded to pile up many Data Quality Management features and functionalities on a good platform. Really fast and easy-to-use tool to ensure data correctness and availability for operational processes.

Process Deployment Manager Global Manufacturing Company
The Solution is Superfast and Quick to deploy!

We deploy a lot. Here in the SAP migration work we have learnt that Data Quality is a everything! Tikean helps us out enormously with the capability to mass review the in-scope data to minimise manual work. 

Head of MDM Global Manufacturing Corporate
Great Value for our supply and Service Delivery

TikeanDQ provides us the needed visibility and monitoring capability to the Daily Business Execution and Data Governance we have been looking for. To be able to streamline the delivery process and to really see, how our data impacts the Business, is a significant benefit. Savings in multiple forms throughout the operative processes. Seriously recommended! 

Head Of Data Governance Global Manufacturing Leader

Essential features for
business data availability
and data governance

Versatile and configurable solution is easy-to-use and fast to deploy into your ecosystem.

Data modelling and Ingestion

Dynamic data modelling makes it easy to provision any data domain and source to TikeanDQ. Rich feature set supports merging data from multiple origins and legacy systems into domain views.

Fine grained access control

Tikean supports commonly used corporate authentication methods and standards. Control data visibility according to corporate policies.

Reporting and dashboards

Create and maintain meaningful reports, share and distribute with selected audiences. Provide visual insights for fast decision making on corporate functions.

Requlatory compliance

Meet the compliance requirements with trusted data analysis and insights. Validate the corporate data asset accuracy and timeliness for e.g. GDPR regulation capability.

Business rule wizard​

Dynamic data modelling makes it easy to provision any data domain and source to TikeanDQ. Rich feature set supports merging data from multiple origins and legacy systems into domain views.

Superfast data views

Superfast data queries with no technical skills needed. Combine data from multiple origins into shareable and re-usable views.

Reference data

Maintain and distribute corporate reference data throughout the corporate functions, using Tikean Reference Data solution (separate subscription module).

No-code, logical rule editor

Yess, you can make the needed data modelling and configuration without a single line of code. This means that you don't need a coder to assign the rules. Also, the changes can be run immediately.

Powerful data validation

Set business rules to provide continuous corporate data quality details and metrics. Ingest and validate also temporary (e.g. migration) data sources against corporate data rules.

Smooth user experience

The intuitive and easy-to-use interface promotes easy system adaptation and use in multiple audiences, including the Business people.

Data quality ownership

Deploy and Maintain Data Governance specific ownerships to your data assets. Subscribe selected datasets and error reports for the respective stakeholders.

Cloud optimized

Responsibility from both the costing and environment point-of-view. When ever resources are needed, the solution reserves them and when not, the solution releases them, enabling power and cost savings.

Monthly subscription (SaaS)

Forget the local hardware and software hassle. The Software as a Service (SaaS) offers the needed platform and software, linked and available via your own corporate cloud resources.

Knowledge base

Extensive guidelines for users and stakeholders. We publish the guidelines, handbooks, release notes and other documentary via Confluence.

Service support

Be sure that we’d be happy to support you all the way through.

We offer company specific SLAs as requested.

Seriously, no-code. Not a line.

The creation and maintenance for data models and data quality, is supported by logical editor, which enables the business to maintain the rulesets.
The deployment time from "sketch to market" is just minutes away.

Available either as Tikean SaaS or
in Your own Azure subscription

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Global Crane Manufacturer

Global food packaging specialist


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