Feature Highlights

TikeanDQ is a lightweight Data Quality solution, aimed for the business users and other data stakeholders in data-heavy companies. The more the data, bigger the benefit.

While the solution is cloud-native, we have put emphasis also the cloud-resource consumption, not using more than needed.

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Reveals errors in the data

With a flexible rule creation, the users can define rules to point out good or bad data for Your business process execution.

The no-code editor requires no development nor deployments
and changes to data models and rules happens really quick.

Provides visibility to the data across the systems

TikeanDQ brings the needed data from multiple origins into one view. The UI functionalities are superfast and makes the data search efficient and enjoyable.

Access, trust and share the essential data with flexible, re-usable functionalities.

TikeanDQ is easy to-use via normal web-browser.
No other SW installations needed.

Verifies the data consistency between the systems​

TikeanDQ shows the information from various sources into consolidated views and reports.

  • Speed up the business operations, 
  • No cross-system checks needed anymore.
  • Ensure data deployment success to downstream operations.
  • Minimize quality expenses due to mismatching or erroneous data.

Ensures correct data to the Business Processes

Users can create business process specific rulesets to monitor the data, essential for each business procedure or step to success.

TikeanDQ validates the correctness of the data according to user defined data rules.

Provides Data Quality Trends

TikeanDQ Dashboards is a feature to create and distribute dynamic data visualizations.

With the Dashboards you can:

  • Analyze Function or Business Unit performance
  • Follow if the personnel are playing by the book
  • Lead the Data Management Network work and progress in the Company
  • Use the TikeanDQ as reporting source for e.g. PowerBI and generate various purpose summary Dashboards. 

Essential features for
business data availability
and data governance

Versatile and configurable Solution is easy-to-use and fast to deploy into your ecosystem.

Essential features for
business data availability
and data governance

Versatile and configurable solution is easy-to-use and fast to deploy into your ecosystem.

Data modelling and Ingestion

Dynamic data modelling makes it easy to provision any data domain and source to TikeanDQ. Rich feature set supports merging data from multiple origins and legacy systems into domain views.

Fine grained access control

Tikean supports commonly used corporate authentication methods and standards. Control data visibility according to corporate policies.

Reporting and dashboards

Create and maintain meaningful reports, share and distribute with selected audiences. Provide visual insights for fast decision making on corporate functions.

Requlatory compliance

Meet the compliance requirements with trusted data analysis and insights. Validate the corporate data asset accuracy and timeliness for e.g. GDPR regulation capability.

Business rule wizard​

Dynamic data modelling makes it easy to provision any data domain and source to TikeanDQ. Rich feature set supports merging data from multiple origins and legacy systems into domain views.

Superfast data views

Superfast data queries with no technical skills needed. Combine data from multiple origins into shareable and re-usable views.

Reference data

Maintain and distribute corporate reference data throughout the corporate functions, using Tikean Reference Data solution (separate subscription module).

No-code, logical rule editor

Yess, you can make the needed data modelling and configuration without a single line of code. This means that you don't need a coder to assign the rules. Also, the changes can be run immediately.

Powerful data validation

Set business rules to provide continuous corporate data quality details and metrics. Ingest and validate also temporary (e.g. migration) data sources against corporate data rules.

Smooth user experience

The intuitive and easy-to-use interface promotes easy system adaptation and use in multiple audiences, including the Business people.

Data quality ownership

Deploy and Maintain Data Governance specific ownerships to your data assets. Subscribe selected datasets and error reports for the respective stakeholders.

Cloud optimized

Responsibility from both the costing and environment point-of-view. When ever resources are needed, the solution reserves them and when not, the solution releases them, enabling power and cost savings.

Monthly subscription (SaaS)

Forget the local hardware and software hassle. The Software as a Service (SaaS) offers the needed platform and software, linked and available via your own corporate cloud resources.

Knowledge base

Extensive guidelines for users and stakeholders. We publish the guidelines, handbooks, release notes and other documentary via Confluence.

Service support

Be sure that we’d be happy to support you all the way through.

We offer company specific SLAs as requested.

tikean DataQ UI functions

User Authorization & Management

Data ingestion and modelling

Data Quality

Search, Reporting and Sharing

and Trends

TikeanDQ FAQ

TikeanDQ is a superfast, lightweight, fast to-deploy and easy-to-use solution. It is targeted also for business users to use, not only the datafolks.
Built with modern, fully scalable tech based on real-life manufacturing corporate business needs.

While Catalogues focus on providing understanding of generally available corporate data assets to e.g. reporting or analyzation needs, TikeanDQ makes the modelled and available data physically (and promptly) available for the Business users and other data stakeholders.
Our main focus is set to ensure corporate operative capability by monitoring the various data asset quality and seeing it across multiple systems. 

TikeanDQ ingests data generally with push from the data sources – full, delta, etc. in a given format (json, csv).

Yess – not a single line of code is needed to configure the corporate data models and data quality rulesets. 

The system is up & running in just days. Proof-of-Value projects generally last a couple of months, solid value can be seen in less than 10 days.
System adaptation for customer side usually takes some months (with data pipelines).