Learn how to plan data quality control activities, minimize risks and additional costs while turning your data into value.

Tikean Ltd, together with CGI, Sofigate, Valmet and Konecranes, formed a handbook to setup Data Quality framework. Access the brief whitepaper here.

Data quality is one of the seven aspects of data asset management in Business Technology Standard’s “Operating Model for Data Governance and Management”. 

Bringing data quality part of the agenda of the business process governance structures allows business leaders to identify the most critical problems, plan improvement actions and follow up the results of those actions.

Would you welcome support and further insight on how to plan, implement and monitor the Data Quality function in your Corporation?

It is no rocket science, but instead quite simple and straight forward set of activities.
Together with CGI, Sofigate, Konecranes and Valmet, Tikean extended the BT Standard with a practical guideline to implement Data Quality function to Enterprise Data Management.
Find here the link to BT site, from where you can download the document. Login required, but no further details or commitments is needed.

Feel free to contact us, we would be happy to be of any assistance.
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